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Here at HERA we have two focuses to our education offerings. Delivering it to our existing workforce, and advocating it as a career pathway to our youth.

We know the metals industry is constantly in need of evolving if we’re to meet the pressures of changing consumer demand and their need for world-class products and services.  And, a growing skills gap and skills shortage is not making this task an easy one to fulfil. That’s why, a core part of what we do is making sure our workforce has access to education programs, workshops, seminars and training that improve their knowledge base and keep them skilled for the future.

We carry out a number of full day courses that are tailored to metals engineering.  Allowing attendees to improve their technical expertise, keep ahead of the latest industry developments and best practice – and open the door to career opportunities and advancement.

To support this, we partner with associated industry and organisations both nationally and abroad to bring up to date industry learnings and research to our attendees.  Most of our courses contribute to Continuous Professional Development (CPD), attendance certification, and international standard qualifications.   As a result, allowing our industry to deliver high level skills to a global market.


Education is the heart of our future

Behind the scenes we work closely with institutes and foundations to ensure our youth see heavy metals engineering as a viable and rewarding career path to pursue.  Providing access to internships to students from across the world and scholarships under our HERA Foundation.

Our core offerings


Our educational programs are built for those already working within our industry. So they can take their technical knowledge and skills one step further to support their career growth.

Tackling both theoretical and practical applications, our hands on courses are delivered by reputable teachers in an interactive environment.  This learning is also complemented with online e-learning modules to enhance the educational experience, and refresher courses prior to exams.

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To maintain a competitive edge, our New Zealand industry requires a tertiary educated skilled workforce and welding coordination and inspection staff that hold the specific technical knowledge not usually available within a standard technical education.

Understanding this unique and very important niche market, the HERA ANB as the International Institute of Welding (IIW) Authorised National Body (ANB) for New Zealand has successfully moved to fill this gap – delivering the examination requirements needed for international and national welding related qualifications.

Here, all of our activities including the examination process are controlled by an independent ANB Governing Board comprised of representatives of the New Zealand fabrication industry, training providers, universities and other interested parties with a valid interest.


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General Manager Fabrication 4.0 | Welding Centre