If you’re based in New Zealand, engaged in heavy engineering and use materials subject to our Heavy Engineering Research Levy – then you could be our next associate member!

Become part of our network today, and keep your finger on our latest industry pulse!

As our member we give you access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, resources and publications as well as assistance in the advocacy, education, consultancy, and verification space.

Not only that, but you can become connected to a network of companies – so that you can do business better.

Levied items qualifying you for this membership

  • Carbon steel plate greater than 4.75mm thick
  • Carbon steel sections 80mm or more in depth
  • Carbon steel RHS 102mm or more in depth
  • Welding consumables, excluding gases

Exclusive associate membership benefits

  • No membership subscription fees
  • A small discount on selected courses, seminars, publications and consultation work
  • Inclusion in our industry statistics and opportunities register
  • A greater ease in upgrading to our ordinary membership to improve your ability to nominate, vote and take advantage of industry opportunities as they’re identified

Associate membership fee’s

There are no applicable fee’s – it’s absolutely free!