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With strong advanced structural expertise on hand, we thrive on taking on the projects that no one else has been able to find the answers to.

As a member driven organisation, our focus is always on providing consultancy services that help our members to win more work or overcome problems they haven’t been able to resolve in-house.

However, we realise that there are always unique projects that come along that require out of the box thinking or a fresh perspective.  A place where our advanced specialist structural engineers come into play and make a real difference.


Consultancy that makes outstanding structures stand the test of time.

No matter the size, location or problem, we’re able to deliver innovative solutions.

Our team leverage the latest technology, industry approved guidelines, standards and international relationships to solve problems. Collaborating with architects, owners and contractors to find the best pathway forward – all tailored to meet client specific needs.

Our aim is always to maintaining a sensitivity to the environment and governing regulations.

We have extensive local and regional experience and recognise the importance of technically informed design without sacrificing aesthetics.  For us, it’s about understanding the bigger picture and managing the detail accordingly.

Our core offerings

Building physics

We aim to maximise the functionality of our clients’ structure at a minimum cost.  And, to do this, we need to understand the dynamics of the building and how it interacts with heat, air, moisture and light.

This informed approach means we can design engineering systems that complement the overall structure.  By allowing us to enhance the design process by assessing the feasibility of innovative concepts and predicting their performance as part of a completed building.

Design engineering

From project inception to completion the one thing that you can’t afford to get wrong is the design of a structure.  It’s a move that can cost a project in time and money through unwanted re-work.

For us this means applying our scientific knowledge and research and development findings to solve complex technical problems.  Leveraging numerical simulations and analysis to define and set the parameters of a structure right from the start.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

When it comes to developing the best structure – basing your decisions on experimental testing and hand analysis leaves room for uncertainty you can’t afford to take.

That’s why we offer advanced FEA services for our clients.  This computer based method of simulation allows us to analyse the behaviour of an engineered structure under a variety of conditions.  Bringing you greater precision than conventional processes ever could.

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Fire safety design

Ensuring buildings are able to meet fire safety regulations is a necessary step in protecting those that interact with it.  Yet, today’s desire to innovate in modern structures often comes into conflict with the very prescriptive provisions designed to protect us.

As a result, we help our clients gain the maximum benefit from available methods to prevent, control or limit the consequences of a fire.  Taking a performance based approach that not only satisfies standards, but gives them the opportunity to create novel and complex buildings.  All without costing the earth.

As an added benefit to those who build with steel – we’re able to leverage unique international relationships.  Arming us with over two decades of global industry research in steel structure fire safety design – to push boundaries more than ever before.

Floor vibration

The natural motions of a building both vertically and horizontally can have severe consequences to a structures integrity.

At the lowest level causing modest floor vibration.  At it’s peak, challenging a buildings ability to resist dynamic forces which cause fatigue on connections due to repeat cyclic loading.

As rising population numbers call for buildings to be built faster, larger and with uninterrupted floor area – modern design is pushing these boundaries. Structural engineers have to discover techniques that enable steel structures to meet these needs in a way that complies with even the strictest vibration performance criteria.

Knowing this, we bring our specialist expertise and finite element analysis capability to the table. Enabling our clients to identify potential vibration problems in their concept design, and providing cost effective solutions to mitigate them.

Seismic design

Buildings and structures need to be designed so they are safe in the face of seismic events. In New Zealand, no one understands this more than our technical experts.

We’ve seen the devastating effects of the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence – a natural disaster that forced us to relook our approach to seismic design.  As a result, adequately future proofing structures for our communities has become a priority.

Armed with our extensive and on-going seismic research findings, we’ve been able to better understand where we can deliver value to our client projects.   We’ve optimised current standard requirements and carried out advanced finite element analysis modelling and large scale seismic tests for structural connections. Now, we’re able to deliver a fully informed design approach with tailored solutions. Meeting each client’s challenges, project timeframe and budget confidently.


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