Research aim 1-2 materials knowledge base research and 1-3 geothermal scaling and corrosion

The AGGAT Materials Research Group has successfully completed a Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study on the Materials Test Rig scheduled to go onsite in December 2015. The meeting had all its key stakeholders present which was a very fruitful outcome, considering the complexity of its organisation.

The meeting consisted of participants from Contact Energy, Dobbie Engineers, Ohaaki Thermal Kilns, Victoria University, University of Auckland and HERA and was arranged to be held simultaneously with the geothermal conference at the venue of NZ Geothermal Workshop in Taupo due to its close proximity for most participants.

The HAZOP addressed the key safety criteria and potential hazards of the materials test rig with clear communication on these scenarios between stakeholders achieved as a major outcome. Over the next week or so, we will complete the review of any outstanding HAZOP issues. However rig fabrication is underway with support from a number of fabricators across the North Island.

HERA acknowledges the support received from Steel & Tube, Asmuss, BOP Gear Cutters, Contact Energy, PFS Engineering, Initiative Engineering, Dobbie Engineers, Jensens and Page & Macrae Engineering and the AGGAT Materials Team members acknowledge the support of those who helped make the HAZOP possible.