HERA has been actively working with the University of Auckland over the past three months to move into a partnership based model for the future of our AGGAT program.

This will span long term developments typically over 5-7 years and have co-funding support from the government – applicable to organisations within industry as well.

As we take these steps, we’d be keen to hear from member companies wishing to move their business model from contracting into manufacturing so they’re able to maximise benefits of adapting new technologies and products into their businesses.

We understand that there is some hesitation to make this step – but the reality is that we’re now competing not only locally, but globally and maintaining a viable profit margin means taking control of business opportunities versus being reliant on winning volumes of work from others for day to day survival.

Our Industry Development Manager Dr Boaz Habib meeting with Trust representatives in Rotorua. From left: Trust Manager Peter Faulkner, Trust Owner Malcolm Short, Boaz and Trust Chairman Alec Wilson.

By being part of HERA’s shared and common research base, we believe risk is spread over a stronger and more stable platform to make the research and development phase not only more achievable – but feasible.

This combined effort means you’ll be able to leverage the expertise of all involved to bring ingenuity and innovation to solutions – achieving faster market entry and providing a more robust and competitive product offering entered through personalised access strategies.

We’ve already seen some success in this approach, with the recent partnership we’ve embarked on with the Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust, who are looking to grow the Rotorua region through effective utilisation of their geothermal resources to create commercial opportunities. We’ll be providing all the technical support in this project to provide the Trust with the necessary confidence in their business decisions.

We have a timeline to finalise our partnerships proposal for the government before Christmas this year and encourage you to contact us sooner rather than later.

Update shared by our former Industry Development General Manager Nick Inskip.