We are calling out to see if there is any one who may have a multi-storey building that could be structurally monitored as part of our research program to build a world-leading construction sector in Aotearoa.

Following the successful award of $10.3m Endeavour-funding for our Construction 4.0 research, our team and project leaders are busy getting their research programs underway.
One such program theme now reaching out for potential industry partnerships is Monitoring 4.0. This theme is focused on improving the monitoring and performance assessment of structural systems using in-situ data and numerical models and optimal instrumentation plans to maximise the information gain while limiting the monitoring and instrumentation cost.
To carry out this research effectively, our General Manager Kaveh Andisheh is seeking industry participation. His team needs buildings between 8 to 15 stories located in either Christchurch or Wellington to be instrumented and monitored to meet the objectives of their research.
Kaveh saying: “We invite all HERA stakeholders who own a suitable building to contribute to this cutting-edge high-tech research project.”
“The data collected will provide critical information on its seismic response and highlight differences between as-built and as-designed seismic responses of buildings. This will not only contribute to future research and development, but improve New Zealand’s best engineering practice and provide a holistic view of the seismic performance of different structural systems.

Do you have a potential building that can participate?

If you have a suggestion or own a building and would like to contribute to this research project in favour of Aotearoa New Zealand science and research development, please get in touch with Kaveh via email at: kaveh.andisheh@hera.org.nz
To find out more about the Monitoring projects, or the wider research program itself please use the below links:
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Or listen to our podcast episode: