40 years ago, HERA was officially constituted by future focused industry leaders using Government support providing a framework for stable funding from industry.

A concept we believed worked and requires nurturing by looking back and celebrating its history and successes.

Over the last 17 years, the direction was set by Wolfgang Scholz who handed over his Director’s position to the first female HERA CEO Troy Coyle indicating a new dynamic for HERA. We believe looking back at his 31 years work and all the people he worked with also deserves celebrating as does a formal handover to the new leadership.

As a result, the HERA Executive would like to invite former HERA staff, Executive members and key supporters and their partners to come to our fantastic HERA House and celebrate all the above in a party atmosphere with food, drink, dance and some commemorative presentations.

HERA Director Emeritus Dr Wolfgang Scholz.

HERA will be inviting targeted people directly – however given we have 40 years to cover, our apologies if we overlook one or other with interest to join!

So with that said, we invite HERA members and stakeholders to join our celebration on Friday 16 March 2018 from 6pm onwards for a 7pm start of the official proceedings. We’re sure the celebration will last into the night.

We’d also recommend booking local accommodation early if you’d like to stay close to the event. We can assist with hotel recommendations if required.