If you want to know how to improve your business, then this chat with world renowned expert Arrie van Niekerk is for you!

He says improvement of more than 20% is experienced regularly within the same infrastructure with the same people – just with a different mental framework. And, has implemented TOC production flow successfully into more than 80 mining operations and over 20 other industrial operations.

Get a glimpse into the value of bottleneck analysis with this video, to see how it can:

  • improve your ability to meet targets
  • facilitate offering faster and more reliable delivery dates
  • give visibility on how you’re doing with project due dates
  • help assess if your output is stable and reliable or not
  • identify if unit costs are getting lower or higher
  • address issues around the pressure to do more with less
  • move you away from having to put out fires constantly, and
  • ensure you and your people experience a well aligned culture.