Fire design techniques for steel structures have progressed rapidly in recent years.

Epitomised in the new Australasian multi-storey composite building design standard AS/NZS 2327:2017, where latest advances in fire design for composite concrete/steel structure components is comprehensively presented.

That’s why in collaboration with the Auckland Structural Group (ASG) we’re supporting Holmes Technical Director Dr Linus Lim, and Principal Martin Feeney to present on how designers can cost effectively exploit the benefits from the fire design rules given in this standard.


The presentation will cover:

  • Basis and rationale to consider a fire engineered solution,
  • Impact of fire on the structural fire performance of modern steel framed buildings,
  • Overview of technical tools used by fire engineers,
  • Potential cost savings of fire engineered solutions,
  • Solution principles,
  • ‘Standard’ options to explore,
  • ‘Rules of thumb’ and guidance that can help stakeholders quickly ascertain likely solutions and savings, and
  • Case studies.


This free presentation is on Thursday 1 November 2018 from 5.30pm, at the University of Auckland. 

Update shared by our Senior Structural Engineer Dr Jing Cao.