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When a new business opportunity seems too overwhelming to take, simply walking away can’t be your go to option. You need the right support to help navigate your way to success.

The world is changing rapidly, and so too the heavy engineering metals industry.  Now, more than ever – the risk of ‘not taking competitive risk’ will be the future downfall of many.

At HERA, our goal is to guide our members through this process – adding value along the way.

We’re working hard to recognise market needs that can be linked to scientific research to create targeted business development initiatives for our members.  Allowing them to focus on their core business with peace of mind that future opportunities are being identified and developed in the background.


Transforming projects for the metals industry

We know the value of connecting the right companies to new and innovative project ideas.  Linking both deep experience and innovative thinking to successfully bring products to the international market. That’s why understanding your business focus, niche skills and product offerings are so important and captured through our capability register.

We’re currently working closely with seven companies across New Zealand in the research and development of technology in clean energy. Advocating and promoting their services and products, and connecting them to global partners across England, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Korea.

Recognising that every member is different, we tailor our support to reflect this.  Continually looking for growth opportunities, understanding business challenges being faced, delivering training, and providing advice.

As your catalyst for change – we make it our business to understand what you’re doing now, so you can understand what your future can be.

Engage more with our team

HERA Innovation Portal

Over the past year, we have engaged with our members to help them gain insights into business transformation and innovation best practice with speakers from around the world and top-class content.

Carrying on, we have the Innovation Hub where members can access tools which will help them on their journey of transformation and business revolution. Go to the Innovation Portal now (members only).

Discover more about our roadmap process

Keeping your finger on the pulse can be difficult.  That’s why we’ve developed the industry development roadmap process – so we can do it for you.

Simply put, we identify emerging market opportunities and match it to companies who have an interest or capability potential.  Which takes it through to the next level of research and development.

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Give us an idea for a research focus

While our R&D focus is currently centred on clean energy, we’re always assessing the market to see what other opportunities exist for our members.

If you have understanding of a growth area worth exploring further, our Manager Industry Development would love to hear from you.

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Join an R&D program today

Collaboration is key to the success of our industry.  Our ability to share ideas and knowledge through a common research base ensures we’re able to deliver refined, timely and competitive products to answer a market need. By leaning on the strengths of a greater team.

We’re always looking for members, organisations and global partners who are open to being part of this cooperative process.  If that’s you, talk to our Manager Industry Development today.

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Our R&D projects

Geothermal energy

A market driven by extensive geothermal resources.

Traditionally, New Zealand energy providers have drawn from high temperature steam and liquid brought to the earth’s surface, as their consistent and reliable renewable resource to convert to electricity.  But what about the abundant supply of low temperature liquid that remains largely untapped?

Our R&D looks to harness low enthalpy resources within custom built ORC plants for the project in hand.  Providing cost effective technology for a cleaner future.

New Zealand made technology. Competitive products and costs. Playing in an unsaturated market.

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Waste heat energy

Globally, our industries have become inefficient. Every day heat is emitted into the atmosphere as a by-product of manufacturing plants through stacks, vents, flares and mechanical equipment.

To us, this is a missed opportunity for something greater.  That’s why our R&D is helping our members research and develop ORC technology that transforms this waste heat into emission free, renewable electricity.  By putting this lost power back into the process that created it.

Reducing energy costs. Supporting climate change. Improving plant efficiencies.

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Marine engineering & energy

The ocean is vast, beautiful and integral to all known life on Earth.  It also represents a potential goldmine for renewable energy generation.

Capturing the power of waves and tides to convert into clean, pollution-free electricity could greatly influence the way we interact with the natural environment.  But like many emerging energy technologies – has only just begun to reach viability as a potential commercial power source.

Our work focuses on supporting our members in the development and fabrication of innovative, proven and cost effective products that will push this process forward.  While helping them to competitively enter the market ahead of others.

Reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Increasing energy security. Putting New Zealand on the map.

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Boaz Habib

General Manager Industry Development