Representatives of the geothermal industry from all over New Zealand met in Auckland this month to discuss recent international geothermal marketing initiatives – as part of Geothermal NZ Inc’s meeting convened by Dr. Mike Allen.

This was a great opportunity to understand what future business opportunities are out there for our members – particularly in Indonesia and Africa, and the considerable work that is going on in the background to deepen our market presence and improve our competitive value as a strong technical capability in the geothermal space.

It’s become clear that marketing ourselves consistently is crucial if we’re to open the door to geothermal opportunities abroad, and more importantly keep them open – driving home the message that now more than ever, being a part of these conversations are key as we move to support our members carrying out R&D in the manufacturing of binary Organic Rankine Cycle.

HERA Senior Research Engineer Dr. Boaz Habib’s attendance at these meetings has given our industry a critical voice, and as we position to launch our members clean energy technology – helping to pave a clear path to market entry as part of our roadmap process by leveraging Geothermal NZ’s early engagement with global end users.

Going forward we hope to develop this further by aligning with New Zealand’s geothermal sector and actively engaging in a collaborative future plan that brings all geothermal organisations in NZ together under one integrated geothermal roadmap as part of our 7-10 year long term plan for success.