Last week we held afternoon seminars which took place in Auckland and in Christchurch on 18 and 20 November.

It was presented by Richard Fowles, Senior Product Manager, BOC Limited, Australia, and Patrick Fenemor, Welding Specialist, BOC Limited, NZ.

For all structural steel welding in New Zealand, welding fabrication shall comply with AS/NZS 1554. One of the key requirements of this standard is that the welder shall follow a welding procedure specification (WPS) maximising productivity and minimising the risk of defects. This is also one of the key requirements of the ISO 3834 based Steel Fabrication Certification (SFC) Scheme jointly developed by SCNZ and HERA.

Although the WPS is one of the essential elements of the welding quality system, it can only work if it can be reliably followed by the welder. The new generation of EWM welding machines presented during the seminar makes monitoring all relevant welding data extremely easy greatly simplifying compliance with the standard.

BOC Limited demonstration at the HERA House workshop.