There are a whole bunch of amazing characters within our membership – and one that made a big impression on our Welding Engineer Rob Ryan, was Liz Frost!

As Weld i.t.’s General Manager, Welding Supervisor & Welding Inspector, Liz is a wealth of knowledge.

In the welding world, actively helping to develop welding procedures, certify welders and promote welding products.

And, judging by the amazing profile picture she sent through to us… in the dress up world, she’s rather ‘au fait’ with the French, their fries & their mustaches!

Racing the Weld i.t. team’s ‘French Fried’ car in the 24 Hours of Lemons.

Weld i.t. Ltd General Manager, Welding Supervisor & Welding Inspector, Liz Frost.

What do you love about your job?

I love that my job has a lot of variety. I can be writing welding procedures one day, managing stock levels and purchasing with overseas suppliers the next, then reconciling foreign currency accounts or writing financial reports.

I love that it is a learning environment and there are always new and interesting things to be discovered the more I delve into welding standards and procedures.

I also enjoy the fun and social side of being in a close knit team!


What are the key challenges facing women in Engineering?

I was told from a young age that women have to do a job better than men in order to be treated as equal. Any woman buying into this type of thinking is going to be limiting themselves on so many levels (can’t ask questions because have to be seen to be “better” etc).

The reality I have seen is not like this.

In fact just asking the question “what are the key challenges facing women” perpetuates the outdated myth that there is some kind of major gender challenge going on. It’s not true. Take gender out of consideration altogether, be yourself and go for it.


What impact do you want to make in your career?

I want to see a major shift in the welding fabrication industry in regard to compliance with welding standards.

And a step further than that, I want to be assisting fabricators to develop truly performance based, optimised welding procedures that will not only give them compliance but also give them better productivity and profitability in the long term.


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