Nothing makes us feel more proud of the companies in our membership than this next profile. They’re a glowing example of truly celebrating the people within their team and letting their light shine.

We’d like you to meet Structex Structural Engineer, Negar Gharahshir. She’s a fantastic testament to #WomenInEngineering – and one we only managed to touch bases with through the grapevine of her work colleagues who believe so strongly in her!

We first came across her name by nomination by Manager People and Culture Kate Singleton, and from there the ride has been inspiring.  Connecting with Director & Senior Structural Engineer Adam Walker along the way who threw his full support behind recognising Negar and having her profiled along side her peers.

If that doesn’t give you the warm feels, I’m not sure what could… except to say that Negar herself is just as lovely!

Structex Structural Engineer, Negar Gharahshir.

What do you love about your job?

I enjoy the variety of work and new challenges in my job.

As an engineer, you always face new challenges and should be able to propose appropriate solutions for them. In order to do this, I need to keep learning new skills and broaden my knowledge every single day!

I also enjoy working in a young and supportive team which builds my confidence and creativity!


What are the key challenges facing women in Engineering?

As a structural engineer, I need to do lots of site visits, I believe the biggest challenge is to convince people that you, as a woman are able to propose appropriate solutions even if it is in a male dominated area.

As a mother and having lots of other responsibilities at home and looking after my family, my second big challenge is to keep the balance between work and home/family!


What impact do you want to make in your career?

My goals and aspirations are to advance my technical expertise, all the while making a positive contribution to the structural engineering industry through innovative and sustainable design solutions.