We’d like to introduce you to one of our student members – Cameron Beechey from the University of Auckland.


We’re pleased to introduce our student member Cameron Beechey. Cameron is a student at the University of Auckland studying a bachelors in Civil Engineering, with the goal of graduating first class honours.


Cameron is motivated to complete his studies and is passionate about focusing on becoming a chartered engineer. In the long-term, Cameron aims to be executively involved in an engineering society one day, with a further goal of reaching director eventually.


What do you like best about engineering?

The variation across projects that come with all sorts of unique structures and designs. Typically, university assignments often present relatively clear-cut problems to allow us to practice the skills we have been taught. However, real-world problems require a more advanced application of our knowledge, and it is that challenge that I know will make my career an enjoyable one.

Student Member - Cameron Beechey
Student Member - Cameron Beechey

What makes a good engineer?

I believe a good engineer is honest, takes pride in what they are doing, and seeks to improve society with their contributions. The ethical code of conduct has been taught to students thoroughly at university, and that has moulded my view of how a good engineer should act. As a high school student, I thought it was all about grades, but I have come to believe that engineers have responsibilities outside of their academic intelligence in the workplace.


What development opportunities are you seeking?

Working at a structural engineering firm for work experience has taught me that university is only the beginning of my learning, so I would want to take advantage of the myriad opportunities made available by different organisations in the form of seminars and training courses. I have also contemplated completing a master’s degree, but I have decided to leave that as a future option, as I would rather go into the workplace and come back to complete an extension on my qualifications based on the direction my career has taken.


What are your hobbies and pass-times?

I am an avid sports enthusiast, having played football my whole life as well as watching as much sport as I can over the weekends. I see fitness as an important attribute which motivates me to run, train, or work out 2-3 times a week. I enjoy catching up with friends, and love consuming knowledge through documentaries, online articles, and books. This fuels my passion for genealogy too, as I find family history fascinating and important.


What do you associate with heavy engineering and metals-based engineering?

Traditionally, I have associated heavy and metals-based engineering with the impressive structures and industries that are used to advertise overall engineering expertise. However, engineering feats are moving away from an obsession on maximum height and size, towards an appreciation of creativity and complexity with a focus on sustainability. Subsequently, I view heavy engineering today as an industry of versatility that can assist in the dynamic future of construction.


What do you think about HERA?

I think that all students coming out of the University of Auckland have a reputable view of HERA thanks to Charles Clifton. He has utilised some of the resources which HERA provides to assist our learning, especially surrounding connections. I have found these especially helpful and so that is how I currently view HERA – as a useful organisation which I will be able to benefit from throughout my engineering career.


To connect with Cameron, you can visit here: LinkedIn

Ngā mihi Cameron. All the best!