We’d like to introduce you to one of our student members – Yu Zhou from the Auckland University of Technology.


Yu is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) with a major in Architectural Engineering at AUT.

Yu is very enthusiastic about engineering whilst remaining conscious of its environmental impact. He is on the path to becoming a chartered structural engineer with his specialised studies. He believes that he can contribute in meaningful ways to the community and future generations through his structural engineering studies and research.

Engineering Student Yu Zhou
Engineering Student Yu Zhou

What do you like best about engineering?


Engineering allows me to feel happy and a sense of deep achievement when my curiosity is satisfied through learning the greatest inventions and scientific knowledge of our predecessors.

I feel my life is meaningful when I apply or develop the knowledge to help build a better society, and a better world.


What makes a good engineer?


Competence, integrity, and responsibility.


What development opportunities are you seeking?


I am seeking opportunities to work on some innovative, environmentally conscious projects with many prominent engineers. Also I want to gain experience for becoming a chartered engineer. In the meantime, I would love to participate in industrial research by enrolling in postgraduate studies.


What are your hobbies and pass-times?


I am a keen DIYer as a carpenter and mechanic. I also like fishing, hiking, and delicious food.


What do you associate with heavy engineering and metals-based engineering?


I am currently specialising in steel based structures so I always associate them when studying heavy engineering research. I am a research assistant with AUT and HERA on steel-based research which allows further insight into how steel plays such a vital role in the industry.


What do you think about HERA?


I feel welcomed and supported by HERA from the management to the rest of the team.

HERA has a group of top engineers and researchers who are willing to share and help develop the engineering society. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them.

Ngā mihi Yu.  All the best!