We’d like to introduce you to one of our student members – Meilyka Amir.

She’s in her third year studying in mechanical/mechatronics engineering and computer science at the University of Auckland.

Her goal is to be a successful engineer who contributes in creating a more sustainable planet, utilising her passion of problem solving to help!

“What I love about engineering is that i get to take ideas and turn them into reality. I love creating and building concepts and designs.”

“To me – a good engineer is someone who can use their intelligence to create a better society and a better world. I think this means being someone with a big heart who cares about others, understands sustainability and implements it into their life and work as an engineer.”

HERA Student Member, Meilyka Amir.

What development opportunities are you seeking?

I’d really like to start networking within industry, grow my confidence in doing presentations, and of course – gain more hands-on project work so I can put the theory I’ve learnt into practice!

What are your hobbies and pass-times?

I’m like my sports – especially badminton and going to the gym.

In my free time I like to hang out with friends and do artwork like painting.


What do you associate with heavy engineering and metals-based engineering?

When you look around you, metals are everywhere in our daily life.

What springs to mind for me is robotics, and all types of machines like medical, lathes, and milling. I also strongly associate it to the transport sector such as trucks and other form of transport and machinery.


What do you think about HERA?

I believe HERA is an innovative organisation that involves many people with different skills.

They represent an excellent opportunity for me to connect in with in order to achieve my goals to network and ultimately learn more about engineering from industry.