HERA Structural Systems is pleased to announce an update to HERA Report R4-142, “Eccentric Cleats in Compression and Columns in Moment-Resisting Connections”.

This moment-resisting connections report update is the result of member feedback on a couple of typographical errors on the worked example. While these errors did not affect the results of the calculations, they do lead to some confusion in the application of the design procedures, and thus it was felt that an update should be issued.

This report covers design guidance on eccentric cleats in compression as well as beam column connection details in MRF applications. In the beam column connections section it presents design of the column stiffeners and panel zone, including requirements introduced in NZS 3404 amendment 2.

The report is formatted to provide an overview of the theory with references to the relevant sections in the standards and then has a detailed worked example of each design case following step-by-step procedures. This makes the design guide an ideal reference for engineers needing to update their skills.

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