We’d like to introduce you to one of our student members – Sia Nourani from University of Canterbury.


Sia is a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury. He had had a good experience working in different industries.

He’s passionate about designing and manufacturing and it’s one of the main reasons why he’s chosen to continue his study in this space!

What makes a good engineer?
Being curious, innovative and meticulous means you are already an engineer. I think that ongoing study and real-life experiences can help engineers improve their abilities. Also, facilities and support can expedite that.

Engineering Student Sia Nournani
Engineering Student Sia Nournani

What do you like best about engineering?

I always believe that scientists can find things that already exist, but engineers can make something that doesn’t – all to help humankind.

What development opportunities are you seeking?

I am always looking for opportunities for development in order to advance my career.

What are your hobbies and pass-times?

I am a gym lover, so spending almost 2 hours a day at the gym is a certain part of my everyday life. I love technology which makes me read more journals about new technologies and innovations. music is also something that makes me calm down. I am playing harmonica and guitar, but basically, I am keen on singing. The adventure park and tracking in NZ are also a part of my leisure time.

What do you associate with heavy engineering and metals-based engineering?

In my professional life, I’ve had the chance to work in the heavy industry sector.

It was certainly a different experience to supervise and coordinate manufacturing teams. I’ll always remember working on the manufacturing substructure of a mast – it was a great highlight in my career for me.

What do you think about HERA?

I just read about HERA on the internet when I was exploring and surfing.

I believe being associated with this organisation is an opportunity for any researcher and engineer like myself to have support and a mechanism to gain a better understanding of projects happening in New Zealand.

I also hope that connecting with HERA may also help me to better cooperate and connect with R&D companies. I’m really open to taking on any research opportunities that might be out there!


Ngā mihi Sia.  All the best!