The slab panel method (SPM) is a design procedure for the design of composite steel floor systems under severe fires – updated software now available!

This method is fundamentally different from traditional fire protection provisions used in New Zealand. This difference is because the procedure is written for application to large sub-assemblages in buildings subject to fully developed fire conditions involving unprotected steel members. Therefore,  these members may be subjected to very high temperatures and the floor system subjected to considerable inelastic demand in the event of fully developed fire.

The SPM is a design procedure that enables engineers to save significantly on fire protection costs associated with using intumescent painting. It also delivers a more sustainable solution because the negative environmental impacts are reduced due to the reduction in using intumescent paint.

This software development is another step to ensure that steel composite decking is the go-to solution for our industry.

Update shared by Structural Enginering, Reza Kordani.