HERA is delighted to share the recipients of our Top Student Prize 2023 from the University of Waikato which recognises excellence in structural steel design. 

This was awarded to Jethro Price-Johnson, Shiuh Tzer Pang, Kobe Vetter, and Yara Musa for their performance in the Year 3 ENGCV351 Structural Steel Design course.  

As part of this course, students learn how to carry out structural analysis and design of structural and cold formed steel structures and review examples of design compliance to AS/NZS codes. In addition to these focuses, they also delved into the crucial aspect of considering embodied carbon impacts when designing residential buildings to take on more sustainable practices in engineering. 

Name from left: Shiuh Tzer, Yara, Kobe, and Jethro.

For HERA, this is a great opportunity to inspire excellence in our future engineers and support their academic journey while fostering a connection that extends into their professional careers. By investing in their education and development, we contribute to fostering a skilled and innovative workforce, ensuring a brighter future for both the students and the engineering industry as a whole. 


Embedding learning over the summer

Over the summer, it was great to see these future engineers embark on a diverse range of internships to further hone their skills and gain real-world experience.  

Jethro focused on the design of steel portal frames at Holmes Group, while Shiuh Tzer contributed as a structural designer at Bloxam Burnett and Olliver (BBO). Kobe’s internship with Fulton Hogan; and Yara exposure to infrastructure projects at Whangarei District Council, we’re sure would have provided valuable insights into practical applications of their study. 


Congratulations again to these students!