1 February 2023 | Ep.85 – succession planning for SME’s

In this episode of Stirring the Pot we’re talking with John Luxton.

John is Founder of Regeneration HQ – a self-professed ‘anti-consultant’ hand crafting solutions for SME’s in Aotearoa with practical, hands-on support.

Join us as we discuss a topic that we know is on many of our members mind as they look to foster their next generation leaders through succession planning.


Connect with John

Website: https://www.regenerationhq.co.nz/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-luxton-98ba497/


Keen to get support for your SME?

We are currently calling out to profile our SME’s to help drive their business on our available communication platforms. 

We have also been thinking about developing some practical, hands on tool kit offerings to address key pain points you may be experiencing. It would be great to understand if workshops or consultation to assist in these areas would be something you would uptake. 

If you are an SME and either of these are of interest to you – please get in touch with our Manager of Customer Experience, Rebecca Symonds to discuss further. 

Email: rebecca.symonds@hera.org.nz