Caitlin Symonds

Digital Administrator

At HERA, I have a multifaceted role, helping where I can to make sure everything runs smoothly for our organisation’s success! 

As the first point of contact at reception, I handle front desk administration tasks, social media execution, and in-house event coordination. I’m also a graphic designer at heart, which makes me the go-to for creating vibrant graphics across a range of media to support HERA’s deliverables. I love to blend tradition with trend, and I like to think I bring a youthful energy and creative touch into our team culture

I bring nine years of artistic experience to my role, and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Media Design. Over the last five years I’ve been focused on honing my skills and experiences in graphic design. Having previously contracted within the metals industry, I bring a good base of knowledge and experience within this field which has allowed me to transition into this role quickly to meet the needs of my team and the work they do. 

My role at HERA whilst administration focused, seamlessly merges with my enthusiasm for crafting compelling and meaningful graphics. In this capacity, my aim is to revitalise and instil a fresh, dynamic energy into the company’s visual identity.  

I am proud and excited to work with a team that not only appreciates but encourages my creative endeavours. It’s fulfilling to contribute to a workplace that values creativity and innovation, and I look forward to making a meaningful impact.