Dieter Adam

Chief Executive, The Manufacturers’ Network

The most important function of The Manufacturers’ Network is to identify current and future needs of New Zealand’s manufacturers and develop service offers to cater for those needs where no commercial offer is available. My role is to lead our small team and ensure that we execute this function as best we can.

Coming from the academic sector with a background in biotechnology, I’ve had a number of technical and senior management roles in forestry, the dairy industry and export facilitation – working for private sector and government organisations. At the core of my professional interest are organisational (business process) improvement and (international) business development. I’ve been in my current role since May 2015.

My current focus is on the technical changes and challenges arising from the rapid penetration of manufacturing by digital network technologies and the organisational implications of these changes.

The manufacturing of metal and metal-based products forms a key part of New Zealand’s manufacturing industries. HERA plays a key role in supporting this industry through research and the development and propagation of best-practice methods and processes and my representation on the HERA Board provides a critical link between the two areas.