Fanqin Meng

Structural Fire Research Engineer

I am a Structural Fire Engineer with seven years of research experience assessing the performance of structural components or sub-assemblages in fire.

After exploring the performance of composite columns under and after fire exposure in China mainland, I furthered my research work at the University of Auckland.

During my PhD studies, I explored the reserve fire resistance of multi-storey steel-framed structures under different potential fire scenarios. As a result, updated reduction factors were proposed to design the steel columns with sufficient reserve fire resistance. My PhD study has significantly broadened my research interests, including the development and movement of fire in buildings, the fire performance of novel structures, structural fire design and analysis of buildings.

I believe the best way to research is to comb through the theoretical investigation with the engineering practice. It is why I am so proud to have the chance to conduct structural fire research and solve challenging problems from the industry with my international and multidisciplinary teammates at HERA.

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