Greg Buckley

Innovation & Transformation Architect

I bring a futurist’s perspective to the organisational implementation of innovation processes and principles. And, it’s these processes and principles that ultimately create sustainable solutions for our key stakeholders to be able to navigate the rapid change of the #futureofwork.

One of my key deliverables is to work collaboratively with member organisations to help them create sound roadmaps to digital transformation. Leveraging my 15 years’ experience across media & digital technologies, education and community development to do so.

I’ve experienced first- hand the impact of digital disruption on business. I’m passionate about using these experiences to help and encourage industry leaders to implement effective innovation strategies.

Whether developing a virtual reality tool for a dairy company to showcase their food safety and testing facilities, deploying a workplace digital mental health toolkit, or redesigning an online primary industries vocational qualification, many of the underlying principles of innovation are highly transferable.

For me, the metals industry represents the engine room of New Zealand – and one that has been formational in countless other New Zealand industry’s international success. It’s why I’m so excited to be collaborating with these organisations who I believe over the next 20 years will make significant contributions to how Aotearoa looks and runs!

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