Hafez reports into our General Manager Welding Centre Michail Karpenko

Hafez Taheri

HERA Foundation Post-Graduate Scholarship Recipient | PhD Research Felow

Currently studying Structural Engineering at the University of Auckland, I’ve successfully investigated a proposed steel connection in bearing precast concrete wall panels for my Masters and now am focused on discovering solutions to address deficiencies in welded connections particularly in low fatigue regions as part of my PhD.

Effective collaboration between industry research associations and educational institutes creates opportunities for students to gain access to industry expertise so they can effectively investigate industrial problems and identify smarter solutions.

My current research takes advantage of this relationship – evaluating the performance of welded moment-resisting connections in seismic zones to help better understand its behaviour to work towards safer and more cost-effective welded connections in steel buildings.

It’s good to have the support of HERA, where I have access to a strong and reputable research team with intelligent and approachable staff – it’s a great platform to learn and develop from.