Hafez reports into our General Manager Welding Centre Michail Karpenko

Hafez Taheri

Lead Research Engineer | Seismic Systems

I’m a Structural Engineer with almost 6 years’ research experience in assessment and evaluation of structural components, structural systems and welds. I received my Masters in Malaysia before moving to New Zealand in 2016, where I started my PhD at the University of Auckland. Fortuitously, I also received my HERA scholarship at this time too, leading to me working at the Welding Centre, where I”m now currently based as a research engineer.

During my PhD studies, I was focused on investigating the potential solutions to address deficiencies in both stainless and normal carbon steel welded moment connections in seismic regions. Conducting experimental tests and finite element analysis to delve into this, as well as exploring my research interests in weld sizing for structural steel connections, fatigue analysis in welded connections and structural design and analysis.

It’s great to be able to apply my knowledge for industrial problem identification to propose scientific approaches to solve them, and I’m honoured to work at HERA, and work alongside our strong and reputable research team. It’s a great platform to learn and develop my skills.