Kim Nugent

General Manager Comms 4.0

I help deliver the marketing and communication deliverable for HERA.  Bringing a strong background in working with engineers to clearly portray their value to their clients.  For the two years, I’ve delivered expertise to create a new framework.  One that will improve the way we interact with our membership and key industry stakeholders.  And because of this, we’re seeing the implementation of a refreshed brand and communication approach.

Behind the scene I work closely with our management team.  All in an effort to better understand the needs of our membership and ensure we’re delivering the best level of value we can. This will see our members develop technology and structures capable of competing globally to being armed with third party verification, advocacy, educational offerings and specialty engineering resource access.

Our team also work to capture our members true capability – so we’re able to better improve their future pipeline in what has become an increasingly competitive market. I feel privileged to help support this goal – as well as find new and improved ways to communicate and share value with our members on a daily basis.

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