Kingsley reported into our Former General Manager Structural Systems Dr Stephen Hicks

Kingsley Ukanwa

HERA Foundation Post-Graduate Scholarship Recipient | PhD Research Felow

After three years working as a Civil/Structural Engineer, I made a decision to further my education. Having graduated with a first class Masters degree in civil engineering with specialisation in structures, I wanted to go further.  Studying a PhD at the University of Auckland, supported with a HERA Foundation Scholarship to do this. My research was focused in the area of Structural Fire Engineering – a developing discipline around the world.

This research helped designers in the field of structural and fire engineering to design safer columns for buildings. There were no design guide to calculate the capacity of concrete filled steel tubular columns in fire. This type of column has proven to be cost effective due to the removal of passive fire protections which affects the project cost significantly.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been supported by HERA Foundation. It allowed me to focus fully on my research.  I’m also proud that my research will make a difference in the construction industry around the world. Something I already get the sense of as I go through the Auckland International Airport terminal – knowing some of the columns were designed using results from my research work.