Maryam Hasanali

Structural Engineer (Research)

I bring around 10 years’ of research and consulting experience across two countries – Aotearoa New Zealand and my home country, Iran. Throughout my career in the industry, I have dedicated myself to the seismic design, analysis, and assessment of diverse structures, encompassing residential and commercial buildings.

My expertise extends across a spectrum of structural systems, including concrete, post-tensioned concrete, hot-rolled steel, and cold-formed steel. I have also had experience with the seismic control of structures, exploring innovative strategies to enhance the stability and safety of structures under dynamic loads; and the study of lightweight structural systems, providing valuable insights into their behavior and performance.

I continue to hone my skills in structural optimisation, applying analytical techniques to fine-tune designs for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In my previous roles, I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to the delivery of multi-level building projects, including steel, cold-formed steel, RC concrete, and post-tensioned structures, ensuring compliance with local industry standards.

Beyond my proficiency in structural analysis and design, I have participated in the peer-review process for various multi-storey buildings in Iran. My responsibilities involved conducting comprehensive reviews of force-based, displacement-based, seismic, and wind designs, verification of their alignment with local design standards, and collaboration with project teams to propose efficient and pragmatic design solutions to enhance the overall quality and safety of the buildings under review.

During the pursuit of my PhD studies at the University of Auckland, I have proven a track record in the development of technical solutions and the creation of innovative guidelines for the design of cold-formed steel components. I have successfully established collaborations with professionals from diverse nations, including the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. This collaborative approach has enabled me to tap into a wealth of international knowledge and expertise and  I appreciative the opportunities I have had to contribute my research findings in journals and international conferences.

The career path I’ve chosen as a Structural Steel Research Engineer resonates deeply with my professional aspirations and personal values. I am genuinely excited and proud to be part of HERA’s Structural division, whose primary goal is to develop standards, guidelines, and inventive solutions for the intricate challenges faced by structural engineers in the New Zealand metal industry. HERA is recognised as a key authority in establishing dependable and secure design principles in the country, and being part of this team provides me with a unique platform to combine theoretical research with hands-on engineering practice.

It is great to be able to engage in cutting-edge research and development endeavours and foster collaboration with experts from various disciplines to effectively bridge the gaps between research and practical applications and I feel empowered to translate intricate technical knowledge into tangible, innovative solutions that address real-world challenges.