Michelle Gutierrez-Smith

Former Administration Officer

As an Administration Officer with extensive experience in the customer service and retail industry, Michelle was very customer-focused and delivered frontline services for membership interactions, as well as administrative support to our technical and operational team. She was also responsible for the editing, formatting and proofreading of reports and proposals for divisions.

She began working in the customer service and retail industry from the age of 15, interacting with a range of people from different backgrounds throughout her work career.  One of these positions allowed her to progress to a member of the leadership team, as well as taking on a keyholder position.

At the time of working with us, she was completing her final year of her undergraduate degree, with a double major in Economics and Psychology. This allowed her to develop a greater understanding of people from both a business-related perspective as well as a social perspective. She was also in the process of completing a Diploma in Business, which included a Diploma in Management and Team Leadership, providing her with accounting, management, marketing and IT skills.

On reflecting on her time at HERA she said that she enjoyed working in a team-based environment and was excited to have built on the skills she had in order to continue to deliver a high level of service to our members, staff and tenants.