Ronita Kishore

Finance Manager

In my role managing the Finance function of HERA, its subsidiary HERA Certification Ltd and the associated incorporated societies; HERA Foundation, NZ Stainless Steel Development Association, Metals NZ, National Association of Steel Framed Housing, NZ Metal Roofing Manufacture Association and the Sustainable Steel Council, I am directly involved in maintaining the operational and financial activities of the aforementioned organisations.  I work closely with the HERA CEO and the Financial Audit & Risk Committee, in a continued effort to align with HERA’s strategic objectives and the Living Standards Framework, delivering on my 7 year’s Fortune 500 experience.

I regularly support the HERA Lead Team with financial understanding, record keeping and interpretation of financial and operational data to ensure they are clear on their budgets, levy spend and income streams.

At HERA, I believe I’m making an important contribution to the organisation’s strategic direction and the Metals Industry with the opportunity to be part of a diverse team which has a direct impact on my personal and professional learning curve.