Shoulong reports into our Manager Industry Development Dr Boaz Habib

Shoulong Dong

HERA Foundation Post-Graduate Scholarship Recipient | PhD Research Felow

Currently studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Auckland, I’ve successfully developed a preliminary version of the Expert Design Tool (EDT) – a key deliverable of the AGGAT program. And, I’m now working on implementing artificial intelligence (AI) approaches to shift the EDT to a higher level.

The purpose of this project is to develop an online engineering application which can assist engineers or researchers in carrying out preliminary design exercises and performance assessment for energy conversion into electricity using organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technology. The EDT is intended to be a potentially feasible, reliable and accessible tool for early stage feasibility assessment.

I’m excited to join the AGGAT team, which is providing me a perfect opportunity to explore this interesting field using my skills and experience.

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