Wolfgang Scholz

Former Treasurer, HERA Foundation & Director

I have over 40 years’ experience in the metals industry, with 31 of those spent with HERA.  Beginning my professional career in Germany, I came to New Zealand to complete my PhD research scholarship – starting a cycle of career development between the two countries over the coming years.

I’ve a strong background in mechanical engineering, with my key area of focus being automation technology and welding – and it’s this expertise and work ethic that led to my leadership role as Director. Today, I continue to advocate for the industry and support partner organisations where I can.

Key projects I was involved with included improving welding productivity issues, understanding emerging processes and materials, and most significantly – research into the performance of welded connections under seismic loading to shape the success of steel construction both nationally and abroad.

I’m proud to have worked at HERA, where my contribution made a significant impact to our industry and the New Zealand economy. Nothing showcases this more than the work we did in making a more resilient Canterbury through stronger performing steel structures – keeping New Zealanders safer and the building process more competitive.

Although retired, I am pleased to keep my connections with industry by serving as Secretary/Treasurer for the HERA Foundation and being a Trustee, as well as the being the Chair of HERA Certification.

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