After one year as a digital only publication, New Steel Construction (NSC), the well-known and respected steel construction marketing publication of the UK Steel Construction Institute (SCI) is reverting to the traditional paper format as from the Structural Steel Design Awards special issue in July/August.

Following numerous requests from subscribers and advertisers, SCI has decided to offer the magazine in its paper format once again for those in the UK and Ireland who prefer to read it that way.

Our Director Wolfgang Scholz said, “There are obviously a good number of baby boomers who still prefer the simple quick-to-browse printed format. And there I thought it was just me who is old-fashioned!”

“There may be some hope for print-media to be sustainable after all, even if it costs a few more trees which should better be left in the ground to save our world,” said Wolfgang. “It reminds me that HERA is long overdue to go back to its readers and ask them if THEY still do wish the printed version of HERA News?”

“Drop me a line and tell me what you think about the printed versus online HERA News options.“