Our AGGAT engineers Dr. Lei Chen and Dr. Haiam Abbas attended and presented at the recently held third consecutive Engine Organic Rankine Cycle Consortium (EORCC) workshop 2016 in Belfast, North Ireland.

The conference attracted more than 100 representatives both from university and industry sectors of the Organic Rankine Cycle technology, 44 researchers, including four keynote speakers, presented their fantastic works on mobile and stationary Engine ORC systems.

The conference provided an excellent platform for representatives to share their successful experiences and discuss new concepts with an aim to boost collaboration in ORC. Dr. Lei Chen (Research Engineer, HERA) and Dr. Haiam Abbas (Research Engineer, HERA) presented on their 100kW AGGAT turbine design and novel heat exchanger design research activities respectively opening up potential collaboration opportunities in the areas of fluid efficiency, heat exchanger design and turbine performance.

The conference was followed by a site visit to a biogas plant, AgriAD which generates electricity from biogas. With a gas engine power output of 500kW and plenty of waste heat generated from the plant, the owner plans to invest in an ORC plant next to produce electricity from the waste heat. This is very similar to our waste heat ORC project at EnviroWaste which has now progressed considerably.


Want to know more?

A link to the conference proceedings can be found here. and our Research Engineer Dr. Lei Chen would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well!

Our Research Engineers Dr Haiam Abbas and Dr Lei Chen with other delegates attending the EORCC conference in Belfast.
View of the 500kW biogas power plant gas engine and digestion tank by AgriAD in Belfast.