Recently, Holger had the pleasure of attending the Bachelor of Computer & Information Sciences poster showcase event at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

This event is where students present the outcomes of the projects they have been working on for the past two semesters in small groups.

The event was filled with great enthusiasm from students, who displayed a wide range of projects. The topics reflected the current trend in IT, artificial intelligence (AI) was the dominant theme, with many projects focusing on this cutting-edge technology. Some of the projects on display included:

– IT security

– Visual and audio pattern recognition

– System monitoring using Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technology

– Data display, analysis and future event prediction

Students (left to right) Chengyang Xia, ChengLin (Andy) Yi, Jiaqi Ding, Kirtika Nair, and Reuben Chung demonstrate their 'AI Powered Compliance System' at the AUT poster showcase event.

HERA was working with a group that was tasked with developing software to check the compliance of material data sheets with material standards. The project explored a range of ideas that feed into the final solution, like optical character recognition, feature extraction, database systems and user interfaces. The software is still under development but has provided us with insights into the complexity of the task and has given the student a great opportunity to put their skills into action on an industry project.

These projects are a great way to engage with students around projects that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to resource and in this case are outside our core competence. AUT is looking for industry projects for their next year’s student cohort. This is a great opportunity for businesses to engage with the next generation of IT professionals and support their growth.

Industry 4.0 heavily relies on Information Technology (IT), where connected systems provide a competitive edge for manufacturers by improving productivity, flexibility, and reducing time wastage. The first step towards Industry 4.0 readiness is to identify your current position and specific areas for development. To help with this, HERA provides Industry 4.0 assessments under the internationally acclaimed SIRI scheme.


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