Holger Heinzel

Senior Engineer – Advanced Manufacturing

I’m a Mechanical Engineer currently working on the material aspects of a research project in clean energy power generation.

My on-going areas of interest include novel and advanced materials, world-class fabrication, joining and production methods, pressure design and automation and its politico-economic implications.

Research in materials allows us to better understand their qualities and how they perform under varying conditions – allowing us to advance these resources and their application in the industry.

Projects I’ve successfully worked on include sheet metal formability studies to assist our members compete against imported materials and the delivery of a world-class research facility for one of New Zealand’s leading tertiary providers. I’ve also developed a smart connection device for high volume production using proven and innovative technologies and researched formability of organic coatings on sheet metal material in multi-axial loading situations.

I’m proud to be part of the international and multidisciplinary team at HERA where we’re working hard to strengthen and advance the metals industry.

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