After almost eight years at HERA, we’d like to let our membership and industry know that our General Manager Industry Development is starting a new journey at IANZ as their General Manager – NZ Quality College.

Boaz came onboard with HERA as a Research Engineer. This was a time when our Industry Development team had a strong focus on renewable energy projects.

Promoted to Senior Research Engineer, he became responsible for managing AGGAT and it’s team. A clean energy program in geothermal and waste heat utilisation technologies co-funded by NZ government.

This project received a high approval government RAG rating of Green, and increased our presence in the geothermal sector both nationally and abroad in the research and innovation space.

Milestones to be proud of!

During his time at HERA, Boaz has been proud to have led the AGGAT program. A project that hit many firsts in a relatively unknown technology space.

“We achieved many key deliverables in our quest to drive product development in the Organic Rankin Cycle arena for our members.”

“Delivering over 140 publications over the four year period we were in operation, a pilot scale testing rig, new partnerships with key players in the geothermal and fabrication space, and most importantly – advancing our knowledge base in technology concepts, turbine research, heat transfer, materials, fluids and control systems.”

“I’m also proud to have assisted 18 engineering graduates to gain exposure in the New Zealand clean energy sector by assisting on the project parameters.”


Boaz’s take on innovation

Following a change of direction within the Industry Development team, Boaz became General Manager of the division. Steering the focus away from product development into a new frontier with innovation at it’s core.

“Innovation is a tough gig and our heavy engineering industry in New Zealand is not immune from its critical need.”

“It’s been truly riveting to embark on this innovation engagement journey with members. And I’m proud to have led our first groups of members through our bespoke Innovation READY, SET, GO leadership program to grow our innovation capabilities within the NZ metals industry.”


The focus of this program is to not only take members through a training phase of innovation culture, mindset and tools. But also customised mentoring and support throughout the commercialisation of an identified process, product or service within their business in collaboration with the University of Auckland’s Business School.

Taking them through the whole lifecycle of innovation from education through to practical steps of delivery.

Where to from here for Boaz?

Boaz is heading to work at IANZ as their General Manager – NZ Quality Centre.

In this role he’ll be overseeing the delivery of training courses across the industry sectors of New Zealand and abroad to prepare them for accreditation. This includes those working in environmental management, quality management, laboratory training, health and safety and other sectors.

On his move saying, “I’ve really enjoyed working at HERA, and I feel it’s now a good time for me to move on to explore new opportunities and build on the skills I’ve developed while here.”

“I feel proud to have been at the coalface of industry transformations by forging pathways to change and progress.”

“The Industry Development division went through it’s own transformation phase of pivoting from a technology transfer focus to developing innovation training and commercialisation expertise which I feel proud to have led. It was a radical shift in our research focus which saw our research collaboration expand from the Engineering school to the Business school of commercialisation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland”.

“I believe through our many pivots we have achieved a clearer understanding of how our industry can better prepare for our future, and I wish HERA the very best in continuing to serve the heavy engineering industry.”

Our thoughts from the HERA home base

Boaz’s departure signals a close of a chapter for our Industry Development division.

Our CEO Troy Coyle saying, “We’re sad to see Boaz go, and will certainly miss his positive attitude he brought to our team dynamic.”

“Moving forward we’ll be focused on expanding on the works he led around establishing our Innovation READY, SET, GO program, and identification of future trends to develop innovation cluster groups for.”

“Excitingly, we also have plans to build an Innovation Centre here at HERA House and are currently in the process of recruiting someone to manage it’s deliverable’s. This plays a key part in our strategic focus to future-proof our industry, by making sure our members are looking forward and prepared for the future.


If you’d like to know more about our new Innovation Centre Manager role, click here.