HERA has identified a need for greater uptake of Industry 4.0 technologies to improve productivity in the construction industry.

At the same time, we are also building our own capabilities in Industry 4.0 focusing on Construction 4.0, in particular in what we have coined “Fabrication 4.0”,”Sustainability 4.0” and “Monitoring 4.0”.

We have already previously announced creation of the Fab4.0Lab and we have some more projects in the wings. These relate to Industry 4.0, including a partnership with Pūhoro STEM Academy around the intersection of Mātauranga Māori and Construction 4.0 – specifically Fabrication 4.0.

However, the logical starting point to bring our industry on a journey and capture the imagination of the construction sector more generally was to quantify the value of doing.

Accordingly, HERA has commissioned BERL to determine the economic contribution that increased adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies would have to the New Zealand economy.

A first step is the launch of this literature review which will inform future research. It is obvious that Construction 4.0 is not a term commonly understood or defined and which globally is still in the nascent stages in terms of research and adoption.


Want to know more?

At HERA, we’re keen to speak to anyone who wants to explore what Construction 4.0 might look like within their business as part of their innovation strategies.

We have a range of services, innovation cluster groups which connect like-minded organisations together and innovation focuses that could be beneficial in helping to shape your approach.

Contact our Industry 4.0 Lead, Holger Heinzel; or our Innovation and Transformation Architect, Greg Buckley to discuss further!


Some of our Stirring the Pot podcasts might also be a great place to start to get more information on Construction 4.0:

Update shared by our CEO, Troy Coyle