Troy Coyle


As HERA’s CEO, I bring with me 18 years’ experience in innovation management covering the private-sector, not-for-profits, Government and academia across a range of industries including materials science, medical radiation physics, biotechnology, sustainable building products and renewable energy. And of course steel.

I’ve been involved with HERA for over four years now, as an Executive member and most recently as it’s Deputy Chair. I’m not an Engineer, but a Scientist with training also in Journalism/Communications. I’d best describe myself as an Innovation/Research Leader who has worked in steel-based research for some time now.

My most recent role was as Head of Innovation and Product Development for NZ Steel and before that I was Manager of Coated Product Development and Open Innovation Manager for BlueScope Steel. Prior to that, I worked a lot with the steel industry through my role as Director of Commercial Research at the University of Wollongong (where the Australian Steel Hub and Sustainable Building Research Centres are head-quartered and formerly the CRC for Welded Structures, BlueScope Steel Metallurgy Centre and CRC for Energy Pipelines). I have also held Innovation Policy and Program Delivery roles with the Commonwealth Government in Australia.

I have a passion for bringing innovative ideas to market and transforming industry through innovation and product development. My particular passion is sustainability.

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