We’d like to advise our members who are involved with the qualification of welders to AS/NZS 2980 or compliance to this qualification, that Standards New Zealand is calling for public comment for proposed amendments to it.

Welder qualification standard AS/NZS 2980:2018 Qualification of welders for fusion welding of steels – Additional requirements for Australia and New Zealand, has been in effect for nearly 18 months now and is used in conjunction with AS/NZS 9606.1:2017 as the main basis for interpretation.

This standard assists with the application of an ISO standard to Australian and New Zealand conditions via the technical rules laid out in the appendices and in concurrence with AS/NZS ISO 9606.1.

What new changes to this standard could affect you?

Revisions to this Welder qualification standard has deemed it necessary to make amendments to the overall document. Main changes include the revisions of applicable reference documents and alternative standards such as:

  • replacement of the NDT – visual inspection standard AS 3978, to the new AS/NZS ISO 17637,
  • document changes affecting the AS 2205 reference series of destructive testing methods to AS/NZS 2205.X.X (depending on which destructive testing method is referenced), and
  • Appendix B, table B3.6.3 being replaced (which will affect the acceptance criteria for Radiographic or Ultrasonic examination methods). This point is most relevant to Weld test laboratories and NDT technicians.


What do you need to do?

At HERA we don’t believe the changes will hugely impact work. However, we feel it is important that you familiarise yourself with the changes – particularly if you’re involved in welder qualification testing. This is so you can have an understanding of them, and the opportunity to comment on any changes or aspects that will affect the use of this document in the future for yourself and the work you do.

Public comments close on 25 September. To have your say, download the draft now and submit your comments on the link provided on the Standards New Zealand website.

Update shared by our Welding Engineer, Robert Ryan.