Robert Ryan

Welding Engineer

I’m a Consulting Specialist with a passion for welding that spans over 25 years in New Zealand’s maintenance and fabrication industry.

My focus in recent years has been the training, education and certification of the core people who make up this sector – from shop floor welder to production supervisor. This interest has developed through my role as the Assistant Manager of a weld training establishment and later as a self employed Welding Consultant. Here, welder qualification, procedure development, inspection and training were at the forefront.

As the Director of an engineering company for many years I was exposed to the disciplines and challenges of welding. I have a diverse field of experience including Transport industry works in the Automotive and Rail sectors, Property Infrastructure such as Industrial heavy plant maintenance and installation and most importantly, steel construction. I’ve also had exposure to the Energy and Agriculture industry. Delivering solutions to the Forestry timber processing and pulp and paper sector, as well as Food and Beverage operations such as wineries.

Finding solutions to process compliance issues surfacing in our ever changing welding environment can be challenging.  However through collaboration with industry members and implementing the knowledge learnt as a Welding Supervisor and International Welding Inspector – I can help manage this.

I strongly believe a Standards based approach to weld quality management, education and development of personnel and metals research will continue to advance the future of our construction and manufacturing industry. Because of this, I feel privileged that my role offers the unique opportunity to be part of these positive changes.

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