As previously announced the terms of HERA Executive members Mike Lehan, John Frear, Thomas Neitzert, Craig Stevenson, and Paul Bryant expire with the upcoming September AGM.

Additionally member Peter Hutton handed in his resignation effective the September AGM, and therefore HERA has six vacancies on the HERA Executive.

The nominations of HERA member representatives to the HERA Executive have closed end of July. HERA has received re-nominations for Mike Lehan, Thomas Neitzert, Craig Stevenson, and Paul Bryant. HERA also received new nominations for Doug Rogers from the Southern Institute of Technology and Mathew Kidson from Kernohan Engineering.

This totals six nominations for the six available positions. In line with HERA Rule 9.4.1, there is no election required as number of nominations is equal to the number vacancies and we can declare those nominated as elected. John Frear as past Chairman will continue to also be a member of the Executive. The new Executive becomes effective immediately following the September AGM.

Update shared by our Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz