HERA members can you help?

An essential objective of the AGGAT program under this research aim is the installation of a materials test rig on a geothermal site to investigate field-based geothermal scaling and corrosion.

The data gathered in turn will accumulate into an industry owned information database to base future decisions on in terms of materials performance. It is envisaged that member companies involved in geothermal projects will be able to utilise this information to aid in their decision making processes.

The Materials Testing Rig (MTR) has been designed and developed to a finalised version which is currently in the process of its design verification. The MTR consists of a 19 tube shell and tube heat exchanger (STR-01) and adjacently placed set of 3 double pipe heat exchangers (STR-02) for scaling and corrosion investigations.

A geothermal site has been finalised in Ohaaki geothermal fields.

Some of our member companies have generously offered to fabricate the heat exchanger (STR-01) and support stand. Considerable support in utilities and civil works has also been available from Ohaaki site staff. We are grateful to all involved for their commitment towards a collaborative approach.

The fabrication and installation process is about to begin and we need some further support from our members to donate some additional rig parts as listed below:

  • Sump pump to transport cooling water from water pond near site (distance of 250-300m)
  • Simple instrumentation components i.e. 7-8 temperature sensors, 3-4 pressure gauges and 2 flowmeters
  • Fabrication of a small silencer for geothermal brine collection (design drawings will be made available)
  • A small air-tight cabinet for data acquisition hardware storage

If you can help, please contact our Senior Research Engineer, Dr. Boaz Habib.

Update shared by our Senior Research Engineer Dr Boaz Habib