MECHA presentations

Our Automation and Welding Engineer, Holger Heinzel, and Structural Engineer Reza Kordani, recently attended the University of Auckland’s project presentations for their final-year students.

In late October, the Department of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Auckland invited industry representatives to attend the project display day of their final-year students.

During the last two semesters of their studies, students are working on a project of their choice related to their studies. During the project display day, they then present their results in the form of posters, a physical or virtual display, and a presentation.

A closer look into the project presentation scope

The projects in which the students have worked on in pairs covered topics such as; Robotics and Biomechatronics, Medical Devices, Dynamics and Control in space, Mechatronics, Design and Systems Engineering, Acoustics, Mechanics of Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Systems, Aero-Fluid-Hydrodynamics, and Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.

A truly impressive list of topics, but the skill demonstrated by the students was even more impressive. There was quite a buzz to be felt when the students explained the challenges of their projects, demonstrated the prototypes they had designed, and devised, destroyed and explained the intrinsic details of the solutions they have come up with.

Time for project examination

Though, apart from being amazed by the talent on offer, the HERA delegation had another job to accomplish – finding a worthy recipient for the award HERA was sponsoring. And so, the HERA team of two, Reza Kordani and Holger Heinzel set off on their task. After many hours of surveying the posters on display, listening to and quizzing students, interacting with the displays, and having some thorough discussions with fellow judges and lecturers over lunch, Reza and Holger made their decision and found the worthy winners.

Congratulations to the winners…

With a project titled: “Development and Industrial Testing of a Smart, Robust, Mechatronic System to Optimise the Production of Pipes,” the chosen winners were Aniqah Jamaluddin and Carl Miguel Ponio, supervised by Jan Polzer.

The pair demonstrated ingenuity and perseverance in their project and have provided a novel solution to improve the productivity of a welding process. Congratulations, Aniqah and Carl Miguel. The day concluded with a couple of speeches and a prize giving ceremony at a waterfront bar in the Auckland Viaduct.


We wish all the students who have finished their studies the best of luck for all their future endeavours. Many thanks to all involved for making the successful day happen.


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