What the heck is HERA about and what’s our plan for the future?

Two very good questions – and we’re excited to tell you the answer! Because for the first time, we’re releasing our strategy publicly.

We’re doing this because we are really focused on building a tribe within our industry. We want to create a stronger voice when it comes to advocacy and telling the heart story of our industry.

Our new three year strategy also includes a refreshed vision and mission, and identifies how our services will lead to a future-proofed NZ metals industry.

The strategy was developed by our Executive Board and lead team, and was based on the key issues and trends impacting our industry.

Introducing HERA's new vision, mission and strategy for the next three years.

Previously, our strategy was primarily used as an internal document. However, one of our core values is integrity (“We’re responsible for our actions and deliver on our promises”). So, we think it’s important that we share this at a high level so our members know where we are headed.

Now you’ll be able to see how our actions will lead to the overarching outcome that “HERA members look forward and are prepared for the future”.

Our vision

Our primary remit is to focus on innovation within the metals industry, and ensure that our industry thrives now and in the future. So, we need to ensure that members consider the future while balancing the demands of business as usual.

That’s why our new vision is “Securing tomorrow’s future by innovating today”. Pretty simple!


Our mission

Determining our mission was complex as we are a two-fold organisation:

  1. we are a membership organisation, here to serve the innovation needs of our industry; and
  2. we are a research association with a very specific set of objects, which include R&D, communications, and encouraging the study of heavy engineering.

So, we love our new mission “build a passionate tribe of metal heads who innovate successfully”. We think it is aptly edgy and covers both our membership and innovation remits. You may have already noticed that we have started to use this language in our Stirring the Pot podcast.

Click here to read the full pdf.

Outcomes = casting our eyes to the future to forge a path

In order to future-proof our industry, eight outcomes need to be achieved:

  1. Our members’ steel solutions are the best choices because they are: the most sustainable, cost competitive, safest, beautiful, low risk, easy to use and/or innovative.
  2. Our members are employers of choice within our industry.
  3. Our members are aware of, evaluating and adopting new technologies and following global best practice.
  4. Our members are optimising cost effectiveness through productivity and efficiency.
  5. Our members are recognised for their outstanding commitment to quality.
  6. Our members are innovating for commercial success.
  7. A New Zealand that supports the steel industry.
  8. HERA is known as the thought leader for our industry.


What is our role in delivering those eight outcomes?

Working backwards from the outcomes that we need to deliver, we identified three core strategic activities for HERA to focus on. You can use our strategy matrix to understand how each of these three key strategic activities will contribute to each of the eight required outcomes.


Our formula for success is:

Delivering solutions + developing and maintaining a skilled workforce + connecting and inspiring = future proofing


Delivering solutions = HERA members are supported in technical excellence and knowledge transfer

Key activities include:

  • Panel projects that support key messages and reflect current and future requirements;
  • Making steel the material of choice by simplifying design through electronic tools and guides; and
  • Measuring our value.


Developing and maintain a skilled workforce = HERA members have the right skills for their needs.

Key activities include:

  • Establishing a national qualification framework for key technical personnel;
  • Training for new manufacturing and fabrication context;
  • Continuing professional development program;
  • HERA House upgrades to support future training requirements and to create technology demonstration;
  • Innovation Ready, Set, Go and
  • E-learning and distance learning ramp-up.


Connecting and inspiring = HERA members and stakeholders create a community that is actively engaged and collaborative.

Key activities include:

  • Key messaging used through communications;
  • Creation of technology clusters, HR innovation cluster and social media for metalheads clusters;
  • Targeted scholarships.
  • Innovation in Metals portal.
  • 2020 Vision Conference; and
  • Thought-provoking digital content, including our Stirring the Pot podcast.


Join us in spreading the word!

We hope that making our strategy more transparent helps you to understand the value that we provide and what our role is in maintaining a successful metals industry in Aotearoa.

If you think the strategy is too high level, rest assured. We have created divisional roadmaps that go into much more detail about how we are going to achieve these high level outcomes and activities.

There are some exciting activities on the horizon, with some clear direction on where we need to get to. And, we hope that you love our new vision, mission and strategy as we do. We’re very excited about what we have planned. And, we want to make our actions more visible to you so that you feel just as excited as us.

With this in mind, we’d like to encourage you to subscribe or follow us on our social media platforms and podcast. This ensures you get the most out of your membership as we use these forums to share our latest research outcomes, profile our members and reinforce the value of metals to NZ.

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