That’s a good question and one we have been asking ourselves. So much so, that we’ve been working with our team to define them.

Initially, by getting our lead team to propose what we think are the really important values we want to live by, and then having discussions with our full team to see how these sat. As a result, we have identified one core value that is under-pinned by eight supporting values.

We have all agreed that we will hold each other accountable to these values and we are happy for you to hold us accountable to these too.

This is why we think it’s important to share them with you – so you can!


As enthusiastic partners: innovation is at the core of everything we do

It should be no surprise that innovation is our core value. We also think it’s important to reflect that we are enthusiastic partners.

We want to engage with our members. More than that, it excites and motivates us to do so.

It is our core mandate as a research association.


We’re impartial partners supporting industry

It’s important that we remain independent and represent our members and industry overall.

We don’t have a hidden agenda and we aren’t unduly influenced by anyone.

We remain impartial and represent the facts as we observe them.


We’re trusted for our technical excellence

We recognise that our members want to see us as an extension of their own capabilities.

Our members may not want or need to engage with us on a daily or regular basis, but they want us to be available to support them when they do need us. And that is usually when things have gotten complicated! So, we need to have technical capability that can be trusted and relied upon.


We’re responsible for our actions and deliver on our promises

If we say we will do something, we will work hard to make sure we deliver on that promise.

We walk our talk.


We’re passionate learners who accept the challenge to think differently

It’s our job to be the catalyst for innovation in our industry.

In order to deliver on that mission, we have to always challenge ourselves to think differently and learn new approaches. We adapt to what the facts tell us, and we look for new ways to collect and analyse data to ensure our recommendations and conclusions are well considered.

We don’t stick to one approach. We search for many and choose what is the best approach for each situation.


We’re seekers of diverse perspectives

We take a multi-faceted approach and appreciate diverse thinking.

Different perspectives provide a more holistic understanding of any problem and potential solution.


We’re pioneers of new thinking

We trial new approaches and encourage creativity.

We are thought leaders for our industry. That requires us to be original and imaginative, as well as excellent.


We share our ideas and knowledge and value the contributions of others

We actively engage with our members, stakeholders and community and use an open innovation model.

We create knowledge for it to be shared and to have broad impact.

We also seek knowledge from others so that we can build our own capability through diverse networks.


We’re focused on total wellbeing and safety

We recognise that life is a juggling act and that in order to function at our best, we have to have things in balance.

Our lives and livelihoods have to protect the things that are important to us. This includes our health, safety and wellbeing.