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We’re creating a purpose-built innovation centre focused squarely on the metals industry! It’s goal – to secure tomorrow’s industry, by innovating today.

Change across all facets of our member businesses is no longer the exception – but the norm. And, here at HERA we’ve recognised the need to give our members the room to experiment, develop, and ultimately grow as this fourth industrial revolution plays out.

Our Innovation Centre will be a mix of technological, people and systems innovations. And, it’ll play a key role in building, educating and informing our sustainable future and facilitating technology transfer.

Let’s create this legacy together

If you’re in the construction sector and are keen to sponsor the build process – we’d love to hear from you. This could be in the form of labour, materials or similar.

If you’re outside the build process, also get in touch – there are many ways you can get involved in this historical opportunity.

In return for your commitment, we’ll ensure we work with you to deliver value that meets your specific goals and needs. We want this opportunity to yield you benefit.

Proposed designs

Opportunities to get involved
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulics works
  • Structural works
  • Fire engineering
Sponsorship tiers

Together, we can quite literally build the foundation of a long-term innovation strategy for the metals industry.

That’s why across the build of the innovation hub, we’ve identified key areas where you can support this initiative.

To find out more details, read our sponsorship tier prospectus here.