We’re looking forward to our AGGAT Research engineers attending the third annual Engine Organic Rankine Cycle Consortium Workshop in Belfast, Northern Ireland this month.

Hosted by the Irish Queen’s University Belfast from 14th to 16th September, this conference brings together OEM’s, suppliers and researchers involved in ORC systems, component development and manufacturing worldwide to leverage and share knowledge to further technological advances.

Our staff will be attending to not only represent our members who’ve engaged as industry partners in our AGGAT programmes’ research and development opportunities in manufacturing geothermal clean energy technology, but better understand what opportunities there are to further innovate in our own models.

Industry Development General Manager Nick Inskip said the selection of our staff to present at this workshop celebrates our ongoing efforts in the AGGAT programme to drive ORC technology as part of our pathway to manufacture renewable energy solutions.

“This workshop is one of the most relevant global forums we could attend to shine the light on the high level of expertise our AGGAT team has, and the advances our members are making in ORC technology” he said.

“We see this as a great opportunity to position our members and their expertise in the geothermal ORC energy space as they move to gain market entry in the near future.”

Senior Research Engineer and AGGAT Programme Manager echoed this sentiment. “Having the chance to showcase our own research findings to specialists in this field from around the world gives us a unique chance to validate our approach and ensure we’re on track for success.”

“So often gathering intelligence, and staying informed of what the industry is doing in this space can be difficult – particularly with the sensitivity of IP. It’s exciting to have a trusted forum to not only collaborate with, but truly be proud of how far our own research has come in this space” he said.

Focused on scale of power output, this workshop is very relevant to the areas we’re currently working to develop as we look to understanding our future opportunities for growth in the low enthalpy energy space.

We’ll be sharing the innovative solutions our Research Engineers Dr. Haiam Abbas and Dr Lei Chen will be presenting on Friday 16 September closer to the date.